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Must See Musicals was formed in 2008, when a group of like minded amateur performers got together in the hope of staging Musical Theatre. We were successful, and in 2009 we staged our first production of Peter Pan. Since then, we typically perform in one musical show per year, also other musical concerts and events.

As well as performing, we like our members to be proactive and try new skills. We have encouraged them to take on sound, lighting, choreography and some have gained certificates in first aid and become official matrons, to our younger cast members. Being a self funded group, we work hard to raise money throughout the year, to be able to perform our next major show. We perform cabaret weekends which have always proved a big success, with both cast and audiences. As a group we organise social events such as supper nights, BBQ’s and attend the local Summer Fete’s to help promote MSM. But most of all, we like to have fun ! Whilst it may take a huge team effort and involve plenty of hard work, the rewards from staging a live show in front of an audience, who appreciate your efforts and commitment, far out weigh it all!

Our Committee

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Phil Carter – Chairperson / Stage Manager/ Director


Phil was a founding member and creator of MSM alongside his wife, Tracey, and has been the stage manager since the group began in 2008.  Phil has a creative eye for turning furniture into props, and is a regular round car boots looking for furniture he can transform into shows !

Phil took on the role of chairperson in 2010 and has consequently taken the group from strength to strength.  Phil works hard to achieve aims and objectives from the members of the group and regularly sits down with members of the Committee to discuss ways in which scenes can be created and special effects can be created.  Phil takes pride in creating a show that is different from the rest and works with a host of volunteers who make the show possible.

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Tracey Carter – Treasurer / Show Coordinator / Assistant Director


Tracey was one of the founding members and creator of MSM along with her husband Phil. She had an inspiration to set up a group that was inclusive to everyone which gave members of society the opportunity to come together to enjoy singing, dance and to perform on stage. Tracey has appeared in every show and cabaret as well as taking on the roles of treasurer and show coordinator.  Some say she juggles lots of plates but is always around to ensure the show is ready for the first night’s performance !

Tracey enjoyed singing from a young age and always appeared in school shows, however never really carried this on when she got married and had children.  It was when her daughter Bethany ( now a member of MSM ) took an interest in performing that Tracey became involved in musical theatre again and has not looked back since.  Tracey ensures MSM keeps a stable position financially and works with the committee to ensure shows are profitable and the group can continue financially each year.  Being treasurer for the group has been a challenge at times with key decisions to make on how much a show costs to deliver and is always on the look out for businesses to sponsor shows or performances. 

If that’s you then please get in touch !

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Dan Rushton – Musical Director


Dan was an original member of MSM as a performer and appeared in our first show in 2009 Peter Pan as a lost boy. Dan continued to be connected to MSM and in 2016 after leaving university became musical director. Dan is responsible for the musical arrangements for each show and heads up the MSM band which perform at our cabaret evenings and play the music for each of our min shows.  As a musical director Dan encourages the cast to excel in their ability and supports cast members to learn songs and add expression.


Bethany Carter – Choreographer


Bethany has performed in musical theatre from a young age and acquired a love for dance in the process. Bethany has been a part of Must See Musicals since the beginning. This year Bethany has risen to the challenge of choreographing routines for Must See Musicals next upcoming  performance.    


Sarah Doorbar - Secretary


Sarah became involved with MSM in 2019 when her daughter joined the cast and became one of the family ! Sarah was an eager parent who had an interest in how a show developed and had an interest in being part of pulling a show together.  She soon became involved on the stage herself and became part of the committee in 2020 applying for the role of secretary. This role is valuable to any society ensuring the group receives communication and minutes of meetings are distributed to members. Sarah is always available at rehearsals  and loves to be part of the MSM family.

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Gary Blackman – Vice Chair/ Programme/ Assistant Director

Gary first trod the boards in 1978 as a dancer, since then he has performed in numerous musicals, pantomimes and plays, with many groups in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. Having portrayed many diverse roles, one of which he gained him a NODA North West nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Gary joined Must See Musicals in 2016, first playing the title role, in ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’. Gary’s role on the MSM Committee is to support our director with his role and he also produces MSM's award winning programmes. Gary has recently won MSM a NODA North West Award for Best Programme, for their production of The Railway Children.

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Laura Bateman - Promotions / Marketing

Laura has been part of MSM since the formation. During this time, she has been active in many roles, starting with assisting back stage / front of house, then to performing on stage, and around 6 years ago became a member of the committee. A few of Laura's main duties on the committee are; working with her partner to produce the show poster, producing the show programme for large shows, also designing and printing of tickets the list goes on ! MSM thrives on volunteers giving up their free time to help / organise in whatever way possible to ensure successful shows are produced.Laura believes "MSM is like having an extended family, that we all share the same love for in performing musical theatre !"

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Helen Bailey - Costume coordinator


Helen has been involved with MSM for several years and has been active as a performer in several shows and also as a support to the committee helping with sound and lighting, backstage and front of house! Helen has enjoyed her time on stage playing key roles as the Engine driver in The Railway Children the Musical and a ghost from Christmas past in A Christmas Carol the Musical and several cabaret shows and is now assisting the committee with costume coordination. Helen has a keen eye for costumes and knows how to pull a concept together.


Gareth  - Props coordinator 

Gareth first became involved with MSM in 2016. Gareth has since had an interest in performing and welcomed the opportunity to work as part of the committee team with MSM. Gareth's role on the committee consists of assisting with set building and prop organisation. 

Gareth is a keen learner and feels his life on stage has only just started and enjoys watching the shows build from beginning to the first live show on stage !


Adam Fallon  - Website Developer / Social Media

Adam first became involved with MSM in 2018 when he decided to get involved back stage and enjoyed painting scenery. Since then, Adam took on on a small role in a previous production and managed the groups website to ensure Must See Musicals has a firm digital presence. 


Elliott Bateman - Website Developer / Social Media 

Elliott first got involved with Must See Musicals as part of the band. Since then Elliott has assisted the group with their production posters and managed their social media presence.   

Could you be our next Committee Member ?


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